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Q: When can I get my car worked on and how long will it take?
First you need to make a appointment, depending on the service needed a deposit might be required to hold a spot in the shop. Frame connectors, torque boxes, minor weld jobs for example we can usually get it in and out in a few days. Roll bars and cages we complete in roughly two to three weeks. Front and rear frames are normally one to two months. This is a rough time frame as options are added the amount of time is extended.

Q: Do you buy your roll bars and roll cages and then install them?
No we have used kits from our vendors in the past. We have increased the amount of tubing we stock and purchased several dies for our bender. All of our cages and bars are custom bent to fit each car in our shop at the time of installation. All of are roll bars and roll cage are installed per class requirements to meet or exceed NHRA and IHRA rules.

Q: What type of tubing should I use for my roll bar or cage?
The two types of tubing used are mild steel and 4130n chromoly. The 4130n has a higher yield strength so a thinner wall can be used witch would make it lighter than a heavier wall mild steel. The cost of 4130n is roughly twice as much per foot more than mild steel and can only welded by the TIG process that is more time consuming than MIG process that can be used on mild steel. So if you are looking to save weight and not compromise strength I would recommend 4130n, if your looking at a lower cost and weight is not an issue the mild steel will suffice. All of the tubing we use will meet or exceed NHRA and IHRA rules.

Please contact us with your question and we will be glad to try and answer it.